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as jersey pro grew, so did the appeal of its frames. corporations, professional athletes and franchises and those in the restaurant industry soon realized what individual collectors already knew: the jersey pro frame was the only way to display sporting memories with the honor they deserved.

nowhere is this more apparent than among those who create those memories: professional athletes. our frames have been the choice for the personal collections of athletes like baltimore orioles legend brooks robinson, colts hall-of-famer johnny unitas and boston celtics' great bill russell. in addition, we recently established an exclusive gift program with orioles superstar cal ripken, jr. and in october of 1999, our frame was used during the induction ceremonies for the basketball hall of fame in springfield, massachusetts.

but our success goes far past these great athletes. in recent years, we have formed corporate partnerships with several professional franchises to provide frames for the luxury suites of their respective stadiums. among the teams who have chosen jersey pro are the the miami dolphins, the washington wizards, the washington redskins, the cleveland indians and the baltimore orioles. our frames can also be found in numerous sports bars and restaurants - including the famous rib franchise, damon's clubhouse. they have also been widely used for premium corporate gifts, college and high school senior class gifts and in charitable fundraisers and auctions. but no matter where they are, our frames hold the memories that are in the homes, the hearts and the minds of collectors everywhere.