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during the summer of 1996, the staff at picture perfect, a small, maryland-based picture framing shop was filling a framing order for athletic jerseys. using the industry standard method of tediously hand stitching each jersey directly to the frame’s backing board, the order was finally completed. yet amidst this difficult task, they realized that there had to be a more efficient and attractive way to frame jerseys.

after six months of research, experimentation and hard work, the first prototype for a new kind of frame was developed. specifically designed to eliminate the damaging stitching process, this new frame also streamlined the framing process. more importantly, this design featured a revolutionary hanging system which allowed each jersey to hang naturally, as if it were still on the shoulders of the athlete who wore it.

remarkably simple yet extremely unique, the frame met with quick success, and on march 15, 1997, jersey pro llc was officially established. as demand increased, jersey pro responded with the expansion of its production facility and the development of three distinct types of frames, the jersey pro baseball, the jersey pro basketball and the jersey pro football frames. and soon, it wasn’t just collectors who were buying them.






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